Who We Are:40 or so business/ professional men and retirees who meet weekly for breakfast and for fellowship.

What We Are:Founded in 1963 as a young entrepreneurs' networking group and still extremely jovial and going strong.

When We Are:Wednesday Mornings - 7:30am We adjourn promptly at 8:30am, whether the speaker is through or not.

Where We Are:Colonnade Building
5500 Wayzata Boulevard
Golden Valley, MN 55416

Why We Are:Friendship, fun, networking, and extremely interesting weekly programs by members and guest speakers.

Annual Dues:$700, payable annually or semi-annually.

Includes weekly full cafeteria buffet breakfasts (Healthy or decadent, your choice), Holiday Party and other social events with spouses or significant others, Election Stag dinner, and Golf Outing (Greens fees at member expense).

Attendance:Good attendance is strongly encouraged but no sanctions, but if you miss meetings, we appreciate your paying for our meals.

Programs:Members are each responsible for a meeting program every 9-10 months. Tell members about your business, your family, your hobbies, and/or bring a guest speaker. Speakers with a PowerPoint presentation bring own laptop room has LCD projector.

Membership Requirements:Traditionally no more than two members from same business or profession with a courtesy "veto" available to the incumbent. Prospective members visit twice and offer a short "elevator speech" telling about their occupation, family, etc. They are then considered for membership.

Club Demographics:A great mix of ages, backgrounds and philosophies. We learn from one another and we try to help one another, but with more than an occasional jab to the rib cage.

Parking:Free in adjoining ramp.

Questions:Contact your sponsor or any of our officers or members.

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